Tuna Salad Lunch Three Ways

I often get on a kick where I eat the same things multiple days in a row, 1) out of convenience, 2) because when you are making meals for one person even just lunch it’s hard to buy small quantities and you know I’m not about that food waste – even if it means monotonous meals for moi.

So last week I bought a few cans of tuna fish, a bunch of kale, a bag of Trader Joe’s Avocaods, little potatoes to roast, and 2 bunches of celery stalks (which is more celery than anyone ever needs so more on how to save that a little further down).

For my tuna salad I kept it simple: tuna, primal kitchen avocado mayo, a pinch of salt and pepper, optional celery.

See below for how I changed the meals up throughout the week to keep it a little bit fresh & also check out this post about a very similar week of chicken salads!


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