Modern Oats: Almond Milk Oats in Seconds

Have you guys heard about Modern Oats?? Ok if you haven’t it’s this awesome company making gluten free, Non GMO, North American sourced, protein dense oats that are extremely delicious. What I love about this is that it’s not only taking into account how important it is to fuel our bodies with nourishing food (they boast 6g of fiber & 8g of protein per cup!), but I also love that they are supporting North American Farmers. It is so important to pay attention to not only shopping local but shopping smart, if we want a world where sustainability and best practices are followed with our food we have to support those who are doing it on the ground.

They recently sent me a variety pack with 8 different flavors and I literally ripped into the Coconut Almond cup 3 minutes after it arrived, I could tell from the get go it was gonna be yummy.

It’s summer and I wasn’t ready for a hot breakfast since the temps were close to 85 already so I decided to add a bit of my homemade almond milk¬†for an instant ¬†version of chilled overnight oats.

Within seconds of adding my almond milk the oats were starting to absorb that cool creamy goodness and after a few stirs my cold cereal was ready to devour. It was the perfect mix of crunch and sweetness that made it hard for me to eat it slowly!

I’m so excited to keep trying out the other flavors, at first I thought I might share these with my husband but selfishly I don’t think that’s going to happen!!

Thanks Modern Oats!



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