Yoga Club Box – First Box Review & Unboxing YouTube Video

You guys!!! Have you heard about the YogaClub Box? If not, go check them out right away because what they are doing is literally my tag line, FLOW INTO ACTION.

The way it works is simple:

You sign up, enter in your sizes and the types of yoga clothes you like (colors, neutrals, patterns, long pants, shorts, etc) and then every month a stylist puts together a package that is perfect for YOU and sends it directly to your house. By removing the middle man, Yoga Club is able to send you these products up to 60% off the retail price and they are sending some serious brand names. For example, my first box was full of Free People and Teeki items – so you know the quality is high and the styles are always trendy. My favorite part of the whole thing though is how they are giving back.

One of Yoga Club’s missions is to help introduce kids, in underserved communities, to yoga. For example, they recently teamed up with LA’s Best to host an event for kids in the Watts area of LA where they focused on breath work to help find connection & control over emotions through the awesome work of yoga.

I can’t say enough about this awesome company and the great things they are doing. To learn more check out my first unboxing below on Youtube! 

The best news is if you click HERE you can use my special invite to get 20%off of your first box!



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