YogaClub August Challenge Day 1: Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra pose, known as Bhujangasana in Sanskrit is said to represent our ability to conquer our fears. For more about the background on the pose click here.

Benefits: Opens the heart, stretches the abdomen, warms up the spine, strengthens the back and core.

How to: Lay on your belly, pretty your toe nails into the ground and slide your hands back by your low/mid ribs. Gazing at the top of your mat to avoid wrinkles in the back of your neck using your back muscles, not your hands or arms, to lightly lift your torso as you breathe in. Release down on your exhale.

How to spice it up: take your hands out wide off of your mat, point your elbows out like spider arms and lift up.

Cobra is usually taken during a vinyasa flow, after lowering to the ground from a high plank, on your inhale you find cobra as a light backbend. On the exhale you lower down and press back to downward facing dog.

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