FlipBox Cake Mix – Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Sprinkle Frosting

I recently met (let’s be clear, e-met) an awesome lady via instagram, the voice behind Our Flip Side Life. Her blog is all about swapping not so great ingredients with nutrient dense, healthful alternatives so that you can still enjoy your favorite meals, just with a little less guilt. You can imagine that this was RIGHT up my alley so after chatting she offered to send me their pre-made cake & frosting mix (find them on Etsy HERE) so that I could try out some of her awesome flipped baking recipes.

I’ve mentioned before that I am NOT a baker because I’m terrible at having the patience to measure and do things perfectly. But this made it so easy, sire I had to measure a couple of the wet ingredients but a lot of the hassle was taken out since they sent all of the dry goods pre-measured and neatly packaged!

I followed all of the instructions (yay me!) except made one minor change. Instead of pouring the batter into a cake pan or brownie sheet I made them into cupcakes! Other than that, the directions worked perfectly and I made some amazing cupcakes with very little guilt!

Check out the packaging and pics below and follow them on Instagram @ourflipsidelife for more.

PLUS if you want 10% off their delicious cake mix on Etsy, use code AlmondsFlip when you checkout here!


almonds and asana flipbox cupcake ingredientsIMG_9580almonds and asana flipbox prebaked cupcakesalmonds and asana flipbox baked cupcakesalmonds and asana flipbox vanilla cupcakes chocolate frosting.jpgalmonds and asana flipbox frosted cupcakesalmonds and asana flipbox sprinkle cupcakesalmonds and asana flipbox baked cupcakes close upalmonds and asana flipbox vanilla cupcakes.jpg

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  1. Love the cupcake idea, Victoria! Thank you. The pictures look so great too. thanks for the awesome writeup. xo

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