Bun-less Turkey Burgers with Potato Wedges & Broccolini

I recently had the hankering for a turkey burger, but of course when it’s a week night I try to cut out the extra stuff like buns and cheese that make so many things extra delicious but extra heavy. When I opt for the lighter version of these meals I ALWAYS feel better about it after the fact and realize that I’m usually pretty satisfied with it anyway.

I got burgers from Whole Foods that were already seasoned with some onion and pepper then I added more of that awesome Trader Joe’s Onion Salt, tossed them on the grill and served them up with avocado (I also ended up adding pico de gallo on top, and yep that was a good idea. On the side, I made these potato fry/wedges and a sautéed some broccolini. There’s not much of a how to for this meal as I summarized above but it was simple and did the trick. What are some easy combos you love?

almonds and asana baked friesalmonds and asana turkey burger with avocadoalmonds and asana trader joes pico de gallo

PS Check out this double turkey burger on a lettuce bun that I recently had from The Butcher & The Burger – sooo good!

almonds and asana butcher and burger turkey burger.jpg

PSx2 Check out this other bundles summer meal!


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