A Week of Salads & Bowls Around Chicago

I normally make lunch at home but a few weeks back I didn’t have time and found myself grabbing lunches on the go/out and about. I’m pleased to report back I have found some favorite salads & bowls along the way that I wanted to share right here so that if you’re looking for a healthful lunch alternative in Chicago you know where to look.

First up: Roti Modern Mediterranean (Take it and run or eat in – locations all over the Chicagoland area and expanding!)

I actually had THREE lunches here lately but I will share two of my favorites below. Both times I opted for the rice bowl because I was looking to make lunch a little bulkier those days and it’s just so dang good. One day I chose the Chicken Kebab and another the Salmon – both were excellent and cooked perfectly. The first time I went (not shown) I selected a bunch of sauces and a few were super duper spicy so the second two times I stuck with the cool and tangy dill & yogurt sauce. I also opted to add my favorites, tomato & cucumber, roasted veggies, olives, and cilantro! Yum-o!

almonds and asana roti mediteranian chicken kebab bowlalmonds and asana roti mediteranian salmon bowl

Next: honeygrow  (Take it and run or eat in – so far only in the West Loop)

This Philadelphia chain that’s focused on high quality locally sourced ingredients just moved into my neighborhood and I was lucky enough to snag a free salad during their preview of the new location the day before it opened. I was skeptical that it would be as delicious as my beloved Sweet Green (also joining the ‘hood soon) but let me tell you it was really freakin good. I picked one of their suggested salads (the white bean tuna salad) but removed the white beans, red onion, and romaine adding spinach, broccoli, and parmesan crisps instead. It was perfectly dressed perfectly tossed and I’m really hoping that they are super consistent because if so I will definitely be back there often.

almonds and asana honeygrow tuna salad

Sit Down Spots: Bar Siena in West Loop & Toast in Lincoln Park

I mentioned these salads back on this post but they were both so good I wanted to remind you so that you don’t miss out! At Bar Siena, I added chicken to this zucchini ribbon salad to make it a full meal and at Toast, I just opted for their traditional tuna Nicoise. Perfection.

almonds and asana bar siena zuchinni saladalmonds and asana nicoise salad

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