GF Vegan Breakfast: Tostada Con Tomate, a Spanish Staple

So if you didn’t already know, my senior year of HS I actually graduate a semester early and went on a study abroad trip to Granada Spain second semester through AIFS. The study abroad program was for college kids so I had quite a bit of maneuvering to get in (basically, I took lots of extra classes first semester of senior year to be able to technically graduate and apply to college, but to get into the study abroad program I took the California equivalent of the GED to meet the requirement.) Essentially, heading to Spain at 18 was my first semester of college. Crazy right??

Anyways, I got to live in a college dorm (technically a hostel in the summer but student housing in the winter) with 10 American students and about 40 Spanish students. Part of the living situation was that we ate all of our meals together, made by the equivalent of sorority house mom’s. Every morning we ate the same thing: Tostada con Tomate! This is a very typical Andalucian breakfast (Andalucia is the southern province of Spain, where Granada is) and although I’ve had it very sparingly since then, man is it a taste that brings up such nostalgia, it’s crazy!

On to the homemade versions….I got this gluten free vegan bread from Little Northern Bakehouse at Whole Foods, toasted it up and then added some heirloom tomato (because it’s summer!). On one piece I did the traditional grated tomato, on the other I had it sliced – should have done both the traditional way! Both versions got a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. YUM!

almonds and asana tostada con tomate.JPG

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