Blackened Wild Coho Salmon Bowl with Brown Rice, Sweet Corn, Kale & Pico De Gallo

Part of my meal prep each week is having lots of stuff on hand that can be added to dinners to make it easy to whip a bowl like this up, but I have to admit in my head it’s always a much cleaner simpler experience than it ends up being. Not that this was complicated but you know how things always just seem to get hectic right at dinner time? Yeah, that was how this night was. Regardless, it was a really easy dinner since I had the kale prepped ahead of time (simply sauteed with grapeseed oil and a pinch of salt in a big batch for the week).

Additionally, I wanted to grill the corn but due to this whole construction project we don;t know where our grill cleaning tools are and um I may have accidentally made a bit of a mess of the grill the other night with some charred chicken skin soooooo boiling the corn was my best indoor option!

I also prepped the blackening seasoning beforehand since I was also prepping a batch of my Moroccan spice blend and had a few of the same spices and measuring spoons out anyway.

The rice was also already cooked just needed to be heated up, I had used it in this chicken soup for my husband that day for lunch since he was a little under the weather.

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almonds and asana blackened coho bowl prepalmonds and asana balckened coho bowl

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