Yoga Club Box – First Box Review & Unboxing YouTube Video

You guys!!! Have you heard about the YogaClub Box? If not, go check them out right away because what they are doing is literally my tag line, FLOW INTO ACTION. The way it works is simple: You sign up, enter in your sizes and the types of yoga clothes you like (colors, neutrals, patterns, long [...]

Purity & Contentment

These were two of my favorite sections, Purity & Contentment, and the ones I have been quoting A LOT lately if you take my yoga classes. I've also just been thinking a lot about the idea of expectations being the main reason for discontentment and so many other negative things. Having expectations of other people, [...]

6 Favorite Quotes About Asteya – Non Stealing

Does anyone remember that famous line that Obama got a lot of slack for five or so years back? The "You didn't build that" quote, taken so far out of context with critics griping that he was dismissing entrepreneurs and hard workers, is something that I've always quite admired because I couldn't agree more with [...]

Five Ways I’ve Gotten Involved Lately

As you know, this blog is part journey part guide, and as such I plan to hold myself accountable for living out the purpose of Almonds & Asana. That is, being a more active and engaged part of my community, which is taking form in so many different ways and I'm really excited about all [...]

Cabaggage – The Best Reusable Grocery Bag Ever Plus A Trader Joe’s Haul

Have you guys seen this bag? It's made by a company called Cabaggage (how cute is that?) and it's basically the perfectly designed grocery shopping bag. That said, it has so many awesome convertible compartments it could be used for about a zillion things. Check out the video about how to pack your food properly [...]

Chicago Cares Serve-A-Thon Recap

Remember how I told you about the Chicago Cares Serve-A-Thon a while back? Well it came and went and I can report back that it was an awesome event. The day kicked off with a check in at Daley Plaza at 7am at which time we each got a bag full of PepsiCo products (hooray [...]

Modern Oats: Almond Milk Oats in Seconds

Have you guys heard about Modern Oats?? Ok if you haven't it's this awesome company making gluten free, Non GMO, North American sourced, protein dense oats that are extremely delicious. What I love about this is that it's not only taking into account how important it is to fuel our bodies with nourishing food (they [...]