Yoga Club Box – First Box Review & Unboxing YouTube Video

You guys!!! Have you heard about the YogaClub Box? If not, go check them out right away because what they are doing is literally my tag line, FLOW INTO ACTION. The way it works is simple: You sign up, enter in your sizes and the types of yoga clothes you like (colors, neutrals, patterns, long [...]

Purity & Contentment

These were two of my favorite sections, Purity & Contentment, and the ones I have been quoting A LOT lately if you take my yoga classes. I've also just been thinking a lot about the idea of expectations being the main reason for discontentment and so many other negative things. Having expectations of other people, [...]

Top Five Quotes about Non Excess & Non Possessivness

The quotes on these two topics were so simple but profound when talking about non excess and non possessivness, they hardly need explanation are there any that you love from below? I want to live by ALL of them! 1.) "The number of sheds and storage units, the attractive plastic storage bins that fill rows [...]

KitchFix Lunch Day 1: Gunthorp Farm’s Grilled Chicken, Golden Beet, Kale & Spinach Green Salad

When your week is crazy and you don't have time to prep, it's KitchFix to the rescue and I kicked off my trial week on Monday with a delicious kale & spinach salad with hunks of fresh chicken & golden beets. If you're interested in trying them out, be sure to use code: Victoria20 for [...]

Modern Oats: Almond Milk Oats in Seconds

Have you guys heard about Modern Oats?? Ok if you haven't it's this awesome company making gluten free, Non GMO, North American sourced, protein dense oats that are extremely delicious. What I love about this is that it's not only taking into account how important it is to fuel our bodies with nourishing food (they [...]

Yoga Bookclub: The Yamas & Niyamas and my 6 Favorite Learnings So Far

A while back I started reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda and quickly realized it was a beast of a book to be reading solo without anyone to digest it with. I wanted to have someone to chat about the book with and decided that probably meant I needed a bookclub, and what better [...]

Ranger Nutrition Protein Bites

You know how I love when almonds & action collide, this time in the form of protein powder and an entrepreneurial veteran. I would say the ultimate action, in terms of being an active & engaged citizen, is serving in our military. There is no greater act of devotion to our country than literally offering [...]