Five Favorite Travel Snacks Lately

We have been home pretty much 1 out of the last 5 weekends, back and forth between Chicago and California with a trip to Florida squeezed in there as well. This time of year we're constantly traveling and one thing I'm pretty adamant about is packing healthy snacks so that I don't have to pick … Continue reading Five Favorite Travel Snacks Lately

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is the big holiday in our family, well on my side. You see we aren't religious, despite always celebrating Christmas & Hannukah growing up, so as we've gotten older and split our holidays with in-laws it was easy to pick Thanksgiving as the big holiday on my side. For the past 10 years or … Continue reading Thanksgiving Traditions

Travel Guide: Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Rio De Janiero, Brazil Verdict: This was one of our most favorite trips and if it weren't for dang zika we would be going back asap! The food was great, the atmosphere was lively, and we felt safe the whole time. Truthfully we never ventured far off the beaten path and unless you're well traveled in … Continue reading Travel Guide: Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Travel Guide: Hong Kong

Hong Kong Verdict:¬†Basically we want to live there, aside from the fact that I think apartments are the size of a shoebox for $20,000 a month. But seriously this city rocks and I cannot wait to go back to eat, shop and explore more. Where we stayed: The Pottinger - Central (border of Soho). This … Continue reading Travel Guide: Hong Kong

Travel Guide: Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand Verdict:¬†Overall I don't think I would recommend it. I hate to say that because we had a gorgeous villa with a private pool overlooking the ocean but the beauty sort of started and ended there. For me, there are just so many other gorgeous beaches around the world to check out that … Continue reading Travel Guide: Koh Samui, Thailand