Spice Mode Coconut Chicken Masala with Curried Veggies & Basmati Rice

Anyone else out there a sucker for beautiful jars and packaging? Well, when I saw these gorgeous Spice Mode items at Whole Foods the other day I couldn't help but add them to the cart. Then my eyes wandered down the aisle to the cans of coconut milk and immediately my recipe brain started swirling. [...]

Avocado, Banana Blueberry Collagen Smoothie Bowl

One big challenge for myself in the department of being more mindful about eating and cooking sustainably is simply to use my freezer more! I used to throw out tidbits of leftover fruits and veggies without giving it a second thought, but now I never toss aging produce, instead, I freeze it knowing that it's [...]

Vegan Blueberry Smoothie Bowl with GF Homemade Granola

For the second day of vegan breakfasts, I made this smoothie bowl using frozen blueberries (from a few weeks ago, yay food waste reduction!), 1 fresh banana, & a splash of homemade almond milk. Once that got nice and blended in my Vitamix I topped with homemade granola (similar to this one but I also [...]

Modern Oats: Almond Milk Oats in Seconds

Have you guys heard about Modern Oats?? Ok if you haven't it's this awesome company making gluten free, Non GMO, North American sourced, protein dense oats that are extremely delicious. What I love about this is that it's not only taking into account how important it is to fuel our bodies with nourishing food (they [...]

Coconut Ginger Salmon with Trader Joe’s Jasmine Rice & Zucchini

I made this a long time ago back when I had my blog Dahlicious and it's something I've never quite been able to recreate. This version was decent but I think the coconut milk wasn't heavy enough, maybe I need to use coconut cream? The other difference was, I wasn't just cooking for myself, my [...]

Peanut Butter Berry Bowl

Fruity, tart, & naturally sweet are the best ways to describe this yummy bowl - step by step photos below! What to use: Handful of Fresh Strawberries Handful of Fresh Blueberries 2 Frozen Mashed Bananas 1/4 cup Homemade Almond Milk Chia Seeds Shredded Coconut Flakes Peanut Butter How to: Blend all of the fruit & [...]

Green Smoothie Bowl with LiveLovePop

Is there really anyone that doesn't like a handful of salty popcorn? If so, I've yet to meet them. But have you ever added it to your smoothie bowl?? Thanks to LiveLovePop serving up some amazing inspiration for fun new ways to use their delicious popcorn, I whipped this bowl up the other day when [...]