Blackened Halibut with JUSTUS Braised Rainbow Chard from the Feed The Resistence cookbook

So for my birthday my brother and sister-in-law sent the coolest little cookbook by Julia Turshen called Feed The Resistance: Recipes and Ideas For Getting Involved. The book's proceeds are donated to the ACLU and the whole idea is cooking with intention, intention to be a more mindful and engaged citizen. AKA my whole motto!! [...]

Flashback to My Mexico Culinary Adventure

A few years back when I was working at PepsiCo and was a single lady, my mom and I decided to start taking mother/daughter trips over Christmas time when I had a break from work and when our extended family (my brother & sister-in-law) were with her fam. Also helps that my dad was raised [...]

Pan Seared Salmon Dinner

For years I was too scared to cook salmon in a pan and I have no idea why but I seriously regret the years that I spent not enjoying salmon the way I do now. I could never get it just right in the oven or on the grill, and when I finally decided to [...]

Meal Prep: 6 Things to Prep for your Week

Meal Prep is one of those terms that floats around the health and fitness social media scene in the form of hash tags and captions to basically describe being efficient AF with your cooking time. For me, meal prep happens on Sundays or Mondays and it includes prepping most of my breakfast, lunch, and even some [...]

Save More, Waste Less: Spaghetti Limone with Spinach stems

Prepare to have your mind blown: According to FeedingAmerica.Org Americans, at home, waste $54 BILLION a year throwing food out. And that's just 43% of the total waste when you add up anything outside of the home. All the while there are millions of Americans who don't know when their next meal is coming. While [...]