Pan Seared Lemon Halibut with Gluten Free Vegan Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta

The funny thing about making these last-minute cooking decisions is that 1) I have to think really hard about giving you guys exact portions after the fact 2) as seen in this very embarrassing iPhone video shot by my husband I was a little annoyed and frazzled when he kept egging me on about how it was [...]

Moroccan Chicken Updated

Alright, after even more trial and error on this Moroccan Slow Cooker Chicken ,and some feedback from those who tried it, I wanted to share a few tips for enhancing this crockpot dish. First I'll go ahead and share the modifications and then the original recipe: Use dark meat with the bone and skin. Unless [...]

almonds and asana halibut ceviche finished

Halibut Ceviche with Homemade Sweet Potato Chips, Cilantro Cucumber Quinoa, and Sauteed Lacinato Kale

I've never tried making ceviche before but my friends over at Wabash Seafood Co convinced me to try it out. I love their wild halibut and that happened to be exactly what they recommend using! I didn't follow a real recipe for this but this one from Food Network is fairly similar and what I like [...]

Wild King Salmon Bowl with Quinoa, Sweet Potato, and a Vegan Kale Caesar

You all know how much I adore my local fish shop Wabash Seafood Company, one because they have this sustainability mission statement and because their product is just so dang good you can't mess it up! This meal is the epitome of how I think I want to eat going forward, although this is a [...]

Vegan Enchiladas: Siete Foods Almond​ Flour Tortillas Filled with Trader Joe’s Black Beans & Lentils

This Vegan Enchilada dinner was HUGELY filling but also light in the most interesting of ways. I had heard about Siete Foods Almond Flour Tortillas and finally pulled the trigger to order them online. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint. PS I recently saw they were being sold in Whole Foods, yay! For dinner, [...]

Vegan Dinner a la Trader Joe’s Ingredients: Asian Quinoa Bowl with Tofu, Kale, Carrot Ribbons & Ginger Garlic Soy sauce

I told you in this post that I'm trying out the whole vegan thing, and then I told you in this post that I don't want to eat a ton of tofu, yet here I am again eating tofu. Trying to limit the amount though and using organic sprouted tofu from Trader Joe's so, hopefully [...]

Vegan Dinner: Tofu & Butternut Squash in Trader Joe’s Indian Simmer Sauce with Brown Rice & Broccolini

As I've mentioned before, over the past year I have mainly avoided eating soy products but in trying to eat a vegan diet this week I figured I would do one or two dinners with tofu. I still don't think too highly of it, but I bought Trader Joe's sprouted tofu mostly out of not [...]