Blackened Wild Coho Salmon Bowl with Brown Rice, Sweet Corn, Kale & Pico De Gallo

Part of my meal prep each week is having lots of stuff on hand that can be added to dinners to make it easy to whip a bowl like this up, but I have to admit in my head it's always a much cleaner simpler experience than it ends up being. Not that this was [...]

KitchFix: Lunch #4 Chicken Pad Thai with Tamarind Sesame Seed Sauce

Over the past two week's I've shared with you a whole week of AMAZING lunches from KitchFix , you can find them here:  one, two, and three. Today though, I'm sharing my final and favorite meal of them all. The last and I think maybe the best of all was their Gunthrop Farms Chicken Pad Thai. It was [...]

Simply Roasted Lemon Pepper Chicken, Zucchini, and Trader Joe’s Pre-Cut Butternut Squash

I mean, basically the easiest dinner of all time. I'm definitely not teaching you any ground breaking techniques here but if you want a nice, simple, healthy summer meal here you go: Simply Roasted Lemon Pepper Chicken, Zucchini, and Trader Joe's Pre-Cut Butternut Squash. What I used: 2 chicken breasts - skin on, no bone (easy [...]

KitchFix Lunch Day 1: Gunthorp Farm’s Grilled Chicken, Golden Beet, Kale & Spinach Green Salad

When your week is crazy and you don't have time to prep, it's KitchFix to the rescue and I kicked off my trial week on Monday with a delicious kale & spinach salad with hunks of fresh chicken & golden beets. If you're interested in trying them out, be sure to use code: Victoria20 for [...]

Butternut Squash & Trader Joe’s Everything But the Sesame Seasoned Turkey Meatloaf

Inspiration for this butternut squash & Trader Joe's everything but the sesame seasoning came from one of my favorite order in dishes in Chicago is the Turkey Neatloaf from Beatrix (as I mentioned before in this post) I've never tried recreating it and while this version wasn't quite the same, it was a really good starting point and [...]

Turkey Sausage Tortellini with Brussels

How did this turkey sausage tortellini with brussels sprouts dinner come to be you ask? Well let me tell you about what happens at the end of the week.... By the end of the week, every week, I feel like I deserve to treat myself to a slightly "bad" meal - why is that!? It [...]

Spicy Italian Turkey Sausage & All The Veggies

Another perfectly easy Italian sausage meal! I seriously make some variation of this each week, and it's always a tiny bit different but hits the spot every time. This week I opted for Whole Foods Turkey Sausages and did a mix of spicy and mild because I love them both and can never choose. I paired [...]