Spice Mode Coconut Chicken Masala with Curried Veggies & Basmati Rice

Anyone else out there a sucker for beautiful jars and packaging? Well, when I saw these gorgeous Spice Mode items at Whole Foods the other day I couldn't help but add them to the cart. Then my eyes wandered down the aisle to the cans of coconut milk and immediately my recipe brain started swirling. [...]

Vegan Dinner: Tofu & Butternut Squash in Trader Joe’s Indian Simmer Sauce with Brown Rice & Broccolini

As I've mentioned before, over the past year I have mainly avoided eating soy products but in trying to eat a vegan diet this week I figured I would do one or two dinners with tofu. I still don't think too highly of it, but I bought Trader Joe's sprouted tofu mostly out of not [...]