Attempting Veganism: Lentil Lunch Bowl with Spinach, Figs, Sweet Potatoes

While I've really never had any known food issues, a year ago I tried Whole30 and really noticed that I felt so much better reducing my consumption of dairy & legumes. So, for the past year I've been following that eating style about 75% of the time, and in the past 5 months I've also [...]

KitchFix: Lunch #4 Chicken Pad Thai with Tamarind Sesame Seed Sauce

Over the past two week's I've shared with you a whole week of AMAZING lunches from KitchFix , you can find them here:  one, two, and three. Today though, I'm sharing my final and favorite meal of them all. The last and I think maybe the best of all was their Gunthrop Farms Chicken Pad Thai. It was [...]

KitchFix Lunch #3: Sautéed Shrimp & Sausage with Zucchini, Kale, and Cauliflower Rice

This dish was honestly the one I was least excited to try, and truth be told my so far least favorite, HOWEVER it was actually pretty yummy. It was more that I didn't know what to expect as the name was Shrimp Diablo which I would have thought might be served up with a spicy [...]

KitchFix Lunch Day 2: Mahi-Mahi with Salsa Verde over Arugula, Quinoa & Roasted Zucchini

I gotta be honest, again I was SO pleasantly surprised by this meal from KitchFix. Today's lunch was Mahi-Mahi with Salsa Verde over Arugula, Quinoa & Roasted Zucchini and while there were heating instructions I chose to eat it as a cold salad and I would highly recommend that. Note in the pictures below it did [...]

KitchFix Lunch Day 1: Gunthorp Farm’s Grilled Chicken, Golden Beet, Kale & Spinach Green Salad

When your week is crazy and you don't have time to prep, it's KitchFix to the rescue and I kicked off my trial week on Monday with a delicious kale & spinach salad with hunks of fresh chicken & golden beets. If you're interested in trying them out, be sure to use code: Victoria20 for [...]

Three Days of Eating Out In Chicago

My parents were in town a few weeks ago and the gluttony set in, stopping by as many delicious places around Chicago as possible. I tried to snap pics but sometimes the food was devoured too quickly to even catch the moment. Here's a little roundup of where and what we ate: Sunday night: Rosebud [...]