How Do You Pace Yourself? – Rico Sisney of Sidewalk Chalk

In this week's episode we sat down with Rico Sisney of the band Sidewalk Chalk, who has just released an album and is kicking off a 55 show tour. In this episode we asked him how he paces himself when going on tour, and generally in a life balancing his music career and work as [...]

How Do You Maintain Your Hustle – Katy Lynch of Codeverse

In the third episode this season, our awesome guest Katy Lynch, co-founder of Codeverse, came out of the gates with five critical things she thinks are essential to maintaining your hustle: Being curious and wanting to learn Remaining focused and not being distracted by competition Passion and drive Always striving to be better personally (healthy [...]

How Do You Silence Your Critics – Qik Pix Podcast Follow Up

As we dove into episode two wth Jarek Hamilton of Qik Pix, my big question on the question here was this: Are we asking how you actually get people to stop being critical or how do you stop internalizing every negative thing someone says about you or the project/business you're working on? We decided it [...]

How Long Can You Wing It – Ranger Nutrition Podcast Recap

Our first episode this season features Scott Hardesty, an ex Army Ranger & Founder of Ranger Nutrition. I'm not going to give away all of the best tidbits here so you better take a listen! However, I did want to elaborate a little bit on the discussion and some other things I've been thinking about [...]

Ranger Nutrition Protein Bites

You know how I love when almonds & action collide, this time in the form of protein powder and an entrepreneurial veteran. I would say the ultimate action, in terms of being an active & engaged citizen, is serving in our military. There is no greater act of devotion to our country than literally offering [...]

Some Exciting News: I’m co-hosting a podcast!

  How fun is this??? OK so here are the details....the podcast has been around for about two years and was previously co-hosted by my friend Raj & his business partner Martin. Martin has decided to move on from the podcast and Raj tapped me for the co-host chair. The series is called Discover Your [...]