Blackened Halibut with Trader Joe’s Seasoning Salt Potato Wedges & Spinach

While at Wabash Seafood Company picking up this grouper, they sold me on the Halibut. Since I had already wanted to try my friends blackening recipe I figured Halibut would be a good choice. I served it up with another family friend's inspired potato recipe and simply wilted spinach for a super flavorful meal. Some [...]

Frozen Banana Golden Beet Bowl with Cappello’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (GF/DF/Grain Free/Soy Free)

This combo might seem strange but stay with me here - I've previously made an almond milk + frozen banana bowl and it basically tasted just like a super sweet ice cream but this time I wanted to try adding in the golden beets to see what would happen. Honestly you could hardly taste them [...]

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Breasts with a White Wine & Sun-dried Tomato Sauce

These prosciutto wrapped chicken breasts are something I've been making as a staple in our home for a few years now but for some reason totally forgot about over the past month. The other night I decided to bring them back and per usual I whipped up a spur of the moment sauce from what [...]

Cabaggage – The Best Reusable Grocery Bag Ever Plus A Trader Joe’s Haul

Have you guys seen this bag? It's made by a company called Cabaggage (how cute is that?) and it's basically the perfectly designed grocery shopping bag. That said, it has so many awesome convertible compartments it could be used for about a zillion things. Check out the video about how to pack your food properly [...]

Summer Time Turkey Dogs & Trader Joe’s Zig Zag Butternut Squash Fries

Something about summer time just makes me crave foods like hot dogs and french fries, I just can't help it. But on the reg I try to eat a little healthier than that so I recently decided to make a cleaned up version of the traditional all-American summer time meal using Applegate Turkey Dogs and [...]

Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde Carnitas

This is a dish my mom has been making sine I was in high school folks!! And I'm sad to admit that was a DECADE ago, feeling tres old. But when a meal lasts a decade you know it's a good one and always receives two thumbs up in our house. I'll admit I planned [...]

Butternut Squash & Trader Joe’s Everything But the Sesame Seasoned Turkey Meatloaf

Inspiration for this butternut squash & Trader Joe's everything but the sesame seasoning came from one of my favorite order in dishes in Chicago is the Turkey Neatloaf from Beatrix (as I mentioned before in this post) I've never tried recreating it and while this version wasn't quite the same, it was a really good starting point and [...]