Wild King Salmon with Roasted Cauliflower & Carrot Vegan Mac N’ Cheese and Sauteed Zucchini​

OK, I actually outdid myself here. This was something I randomly dreamed up in my head over the weekend, probably drawing inspiration from a few sources around the interwebs (although a quick google search never provided any actual recipes for this). I had really been craving mac n' cheese and wanted to make a vegan alternative [...]

Fish Recipe Round Up – A Shift In Sustainable Cooking

Today I'm sharing my five favorite fish dinners that I've recently whipped up as a part of trying to eat more consciously. I mentioned in this post a while back that one of the big things we can each do to start reducing our carbon footprint is to eat less red meat. For me, that [...]

Coconut Flour Fish Taco Salad with Onion Salt Sweet Potato Hash

Does this coconut flour fish taco salad with onion salt sweet potato hash sound crazy? Well, it was a total party in my mouth but honestly a really easy dinner to pull together. As I mentioned in this grouper post and this halibut post, I am totally in love with the Wabash Seafood Company and the [...]